The Sher Corporation



Armed with a strong understanding of urban design and a future-forward approach to real estate, The Sher Corporation is focused on developing high quality residences that add value to the current architectural landscape. Sher is dedicated to creating outstanding residences that push the design envelope, while seamlessly weaving through the existing urban fabric.

With over 27 years of experience in the real estate market, Shakeel Walji brings an unparalleled understanding of development that is uncommon in today’s marketplace. Possessing both a strong background as a professional engineer as well as a creative flair for design, he fully understands the development process from concept to execution.

Building on this impeccable foundation, The Sher Corporation is devoted to enriching the lives of homeowners with high-quality spaces that incorporate the latest trends in architecture and design with timeless forms.

An incredible portfolio and an excellent reputation with clients keeps Sher closely attuned to the real estate landscape. The Sher Corporation is undoubtedly a vital force in the future of real estate, providing insights into buyer preferences and the market around the world.





My inspiration to start a development company was from my love of Real Estate and my love for Toronto. I wanted to be proud of what we developed, as a company, as it would be connected to me forever. In the same respect, I love my kids; after all they are a reflection of you as a parent and as a person. The genesis of The Sher Corporation comes from the first initial of all four of my children.

Namely, Salim, Hanna, Emma and Rafee (left to right). The personal connection to my development company is very important to me and motivates me to do the very best in every aspect of development. Welcome to Sher.